Vostok HQ Chistopol - Russia

     Vostok Production Line

     Display at Factory Shop   shows new models and   many classic designs.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to COVID-19 we are not currently able to import Russian watches. However we are now supplying Vostok spare parts. If you are interested in any Vostok spare parts please feel free to email me : stuart@gmtclassics.co.uk.

I first discovered Russian watches back in 2001 when I spent a year living in St. Petersburg. Since returning to the UK I have been importing mainly Vostok watches. Sadly some brands such as Slava and Raketa - Molnija and Chaika have now stopped trading. Raketa are in business again but selling expensive watches aimed at the Western market and I do not consider them to have the character or spirit of true Russian watches.

Vostok have somehow managed, even with their recent designs - to stay true to the tradition of Russian watchmaking which really was strong in the Soviet years and therefore I do my best to continue making them available to buyers while they are available. I can also back up my sales with exceptional warranty service so that any problem can be rectified without need of sending back to Vostok in Chistopol.

At the heart of Vostok's range are the mechanical Kommandirskiy watches with various military images and insignia. There are few automatic military watches available now mainly because of the success of the Amphibia range which are barely more expensive and have the added benefit of being truly waterproof.

I believe that mechanical watches have no equal - a good mechanical watch should not need any service for 10 years or more - no battery to change - no possibility of internal damage from a leaking battery and you know that as long as the movement keeps going you will not require a trip to the jeweller. In addition to Vostok I also have a small selection of Orient (Japan) automatic watches which I also rate highly. I hope you will enjoy browsing my selection and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to send me a message.


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 Vostok History Timeline
1942 July 1 - Vostok Chistopol Born
1943 K43 watch first released
1949 K26 Pobeda - Ships Clocks
1952 Kama shock proof design
1957 K28 series introduced
1962 Leipzig gold medal prize
1962 Appointed military supplier
1968 Amphibia 200M watch
1972 Exports to 54 countries
1980 4.5 million units produced
1989 Indepedence from state
1992 Becomes joint stock company
2001 24 hour watches launched
2002 More watchmaking prizes won
2004 Supplies mvts to V Europe

1976 Cosmonaught Georgi Grechko visits Vostok factory and presents the Vostok watch he wore in space to the company.

Famous 2416 calibre movement