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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you update your website?

I usually update the site once a week or once in 2 weeks when I get my latest watches from my supplier in Russia.

Why do you only sell Vostok watches?

I used to sell Slava as well plus Poljot, Raketa and others but alas Vostok are the only Russian watchmaker still in business who make watches keeping faith with their Soviet origins. I do not consider Vostok Europe to be Russian watches - even though this German company used many movements supplied by Vostok. There are some makers who are promoting so called Soviet era designs at absurd prices - I dont sell them.

What are your delivery times?

Orders should arrive in 5-7 days for UK buyers. Overseas can take longer (please ask).

My Vostok watch is gaining 30 seconds per day - is this normal?

The factory quote an accuracy of -20 to +60 secds per day
 so yes this is normal. Many Vostoks perform much better than this and it can depend on the wearer.


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 Vostok History Timeline
1942 July 1 - Vostok Chistopol Born
1943 K43 watch first released
1949 K26 Pobeda - Ships Clocks
1952 Kama shock proof design
1957 K28 series introduced
1962 Leipzig gold medal prize
1962 Appointed military supplier
1968 Amphibia 200M watch
1972 Exports to 54 countries
1980 4.5 million units produced
1989 Indepedence from state
1992 Becomes joint stock company
2001 24 hour watches launched
2002 More watchmaking prizes won
2004 Supplies mvts to V Europe

1976 Cosmonaught Georgi Grechko visits Vostok factory and presents the Vostok watch he wore in space to the company.

Famous 2416 calibre movement