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Support and Warranty Information

Each watch supplied comes with a retailer and manufacturer warranty.

The manufacturer warranty would involve the watch being sent back to Vostok in Chistopol and this option is impractical. Even if you saw your watch agains it could take months by the time it arrives in Russia and is eventually sent back.

The retailer warranty involves the watch being sent to a repair centre in the UK and being repaired at our cost. Any postal fee to the repairshop must be paid by the sender but costs back are paid. Typical turnaround time is 2 - 3 weeks depending on the fault and whether spares need to be ordered.

In a case where you buy a watch and a fault develops within 3 weeks - we will usually exchange the item. After 3 weeks the watch will have to be sent off for a warranty repair.

The warranty covers the internal mechanism only - it does NOT cover water damage. If water or steam leaks into the case this can only happen if the user does not correctly screw in the winder/crown. In these cases it is advisable to screw off the back and allow the mechanism to dry out before fixing the case back.

Vostok watches are more reliable than they were when I first started trading in them. It was not uncommon for automatic watches to stop and only an ultrasound clean could fix this problem as we discovered micro fragments in the movement. However - Vostok seem to have got their act together and I am pleased to say this fault now is very rare.

Timekeeping faults - the factory quotes an accuracy of -20 +60 secs per day. This can vary a lot and some are better than others - if your watch is gaining or losing more than 90 seconds per day over the course of a week - we may be prepared to adjust the watch at our own cost.

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 Vostok History Timeline
1942 July 1 - Vostok Chistopol Born
1943 K43 watch first released
1949 K26 Pobeda - Ships Clocks
1952 Kama shock proof design
1957 K28 series introduced
1962 Leipzig gold medal prize
1962 Appointed military supplier
1968 Amphibia 200M watch
1972 Exports to 54 countries
1980 4.5 million units produced
1989 Indepedence from state
1992 Becomes joint stock company
2001 24 hour watches launched
2002 More watchmaking prizes won
2004 Supplies mvts to V Europe

1976 Cosmonaught Georgi Grechko visits Vostok factory and presents the Vostok watch he wore in space to the company.

Famous 2416 calibre movement